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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, a list of frequently asked questions is provided below. Please be sure to review this list, as it is very possible that your question has already been answered here. If the solution you seek is not here, feel free to contact our easy going Technical Support.

Also note that another important source of information is the extensive Help system that has been provided with Resource Tuner Console. The Help system is well-organized and very easy to use. Moreover, by taking a few moments to review the help, you will better familiarize yourself with the program and learn more about all the features available.


Common Questions

Resource Editor


Common Questions

Do you have any kind of package deal including Resource Tuner Console and the GUI version?

Yes, we have. Click HERE for more information.

What is the difference between the trial version and the full version?

Your evaluation copy of RTC is a full-featured release. This means that the same capabilities available in the registered software are present in the non-registered software. This allows you to try out all the features in Resource Tuner Console to confirm that they work to your satisfaction.

However, Resource Tuner Console in trial mode allows for processing only two files at a time. Resource Tuner Console Demo watermarks the resulting executables with a custom string inserted into the Version Info resource, such as "Made with an unregistered copy. Register to remove this message".

How can I make sure I have the Windows Scripting Host engine enabled on my machine?

It's easy to test: open Notepad, type Msgbox "hello world", save as test.vbs and click it, you should get a messagebox on your screen with that text inside.

Does Resource Tuner Console support other scripting languages?

Resource Tuner Console reads and executes scripts using the Windows Scripting Host engine. Any active script language installed and supported by Windows Scripting Host can be theoretically used for scripts. You have the option to specify the scripting language in the script body.

Resource Tuner Console uses VBScript as its default scripting language. VBScript and JavaScript are included as components with Internet Explorer, which should be installed already on your computer. Whether you're using Perl, Python, Rexx, TCL or Lua as the scripting language, ensure that the corresponding modules are already installed on the system. For greater detail download Resource Tuner Console and consult the extensive Help system that has been provided with RTC.

What is the difference between the Console and GUI versions?

Resource Tuner Console is a command-line tool. It's a scriptable program runnable from the console, and is intended to be used from scripts. Resource Tuner GUI is a visual resource viewer and editor. See also:  Which Program is Best For You?

Resource Editor

Does Resource Tuner Console handle .NET resources in managed assemblies?

No. At the moment, RTC works with unmanaged 32- and 64-bit PE files only.

I don't see any help about modifying Menu and Dialog strings. Is this possible and how?

No, it is not possible at the moment due to the visual nature of these GUI elements. RTC does not support editing menus and dialogs. But we are working on it.

How do I change the main application icon in my EXE file with the batch file "change all icons"?

See:  The Complete Illustrated Guide To Using Scripts

Sample scripts illustrated the main features can be found within the Resource Tuner Console package.

Once installed Resorce Tuner Console, you will find the Sample Script Library in the DEMO directory. Within this Demo folder, there are 11 subdirectories that contain sample scripts and sample executable files.

All sample scripts are ready to run. Select one of the .BAT files located under the Debo folder to execute the script. Resulting files will be created in the directory named "Release" under the directory containing the script.


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