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Win32 Resource DLL editor. Click here for PE Explorer screenshots.


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PE Explorer Features & Benefits

Whether you are an advanced computer user just wondered what makes an executable file tick, or software developer suffered from hard-to-find program bugs, PE Explorer is the software solution that will make it easy to find the answers. It tells you just about every little detail you could possibly want to know about a PE file (exe, dll, ActiveX controls, and several other executable formats).   [download]     [order online]

Sometimes you need to look inside of a Windows program or DLL to figure out what's going on. Sometimes you need to inspect the inner workings of your own software, and more importantly, 3rd party applications and libraries for which you do not have source code. PE Explorer is a program for doing just such looking on Windows Portable Executable (PE) files. PE Explorer will let you open up any .exe, .dll, or .ocx file and plunge right into the belly of the program. Once inside, file structure can be analyzed, problems diagnosed, changes made and resources repaired. It also allows you to edit the properties of any controls on Delphi forms within the PE file, because there's a very strong emphasis on peeking inside Delphi applications and packages.

Not only is our feature list impressive, PE Explorer has many different uses and substantially improves software quality and increase productivity for Windows developers.

Product Review: PE Explorer -- Poke around in the dangerous world of Portable EXEs. "PE Explorer: Poke around in the dangerous world of Portable EXEs." - by Mike Gunderloy,  MCP Magazine             
 [More reviews]

Get curious to see what’s inside an executable

PE Explorer is a complete multi-purpose tool for working with PE files. It comes with a PE Header Viewer, Section Header Editor, Exported/Imported API Function List Viewer, API Function Syntax Lookup, Resource Viewer/Editor, Dependency Scanner & Disassembler. On top of all that, this program has one of the best UPX Unpackers built in. With PE Explorer you can view, edit and repair the internal structures of PE files with the click of a button.

A PE file (“portable executable”) is the native format of executable binaries (programs, dll's and drivers) for the Microsoft Windows® 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/CE 32-bit operating systems. PE Explorer can handle a variety of different PE file types: EXE, DLL, SYS, MSSTYLES, CPL, OCX, BPL, DPL, SCR and more (including executable files that run on MS Windows CE platform).

Analyze this

PE Explorer makes it easy to diagnose file problems, analyze, modify or optimize the internal arrangements of PE files, correct checksums, repair damaged resources. Use it also for determination of the existence of viruses or malicious code in the programs. With PE Explorer file headers, data directories, section headers and import/export tables are ready and waiting for your command.

Learn more about PE Explorer in our FAQ section. See what the users say: Customer Testimonials. Take a look at Screen Shots.

Visual Resource Editor

Visual resource editing  softwarePE Explorer offers one of the most convenient, safe and easy-to-use resource editors available for Windows. Visual editing features let you quickly view, extract, modify, delete, customize, or translate executable file resources from within the file without having to write any scripts. Dialog boxes, menus, string tables, icons, typelib and more are right at your fingertips. The only product that can work with PNG, XML and Image Lists  [more...]

Now you can also use a stand-alone version of the very popular resource editor component of PE Explorer!    [download]

Windows XP Visual Style Manifest Wizard

Another neat tool is the Windows XP Visual Style Manifest Wizard. This allows a Windows XP control style to be added to legacy applications for a new lease of life. The wizard is very easy to use - just follow the instructions, and it will stuff XML into your EXE.   [more...]

Quick Function Syntax Lookup

Say good bye to digging through bloated help files and slogging through multiple archive volumes just to hash out an API reference. Now, when reviewing functions with the Imports, Exports and Delay Imports viewers, clicking a function entry instantly displays the calling syntax for that function. Parameters, return values, calling conventions are conveniently displayed for you in the window below. Double clicking an entry launches Syntax Description DLL Editor for adding comments or changing details.   [more...]

Debug Software Problems

PE Explorer is simply made to order for those who have a broken program, be they programmer or support tech, and want to find out what went astray. Ever witnessed an application crash? Run into program problems? PE Explorer gives experienced users the power to look inside Windows PE binary files such as EXEs and DLLs.   [more...]

Dependency Scanner

The Dependency Scanner tool allows you to recursively scan all modules statically linked to by a particular PE file and view a list of the files that are required for an application to run or for a DLL to load. Dependency Scanner also shows missing modules and detects delay-load dependencies.   [more...]

Reverse engineer your projects

Use it for serious development projects, for restoring lost information, for keeping damaged files intact, to reverse engineer projects with missing source code, to view the imports/exports of the standard dll's, or to simply reduce the numerous internal information sources of PE files into a more convenient viewing format. The possibilities are up to you. PE Explorer gives you an easy to use point and click approach from which to operate.   [more...]

Easy Disassembler

The PE Explorer disassembler is designed to be easy to use compared with other disassemblers. To that end, some of the functionality found in other products has been left out in order to keep the process simple, fast and easy to use. To facilitate additional hand coding, however, the disassembler utilizes a qualitative algorithm designed to reconstruct the assembly language source code of target files with the highest degree of accuracy possible.       [more...]

Support for custom plug-ins

The main goal is allowing the user to create custom plug-ins for crypted files handling, unpacking the packed files, or for performing any startup processing. Then additional decoding formats can be supported by simply adding more plug-ins.      [more...]

PE Explorer key features

exe, dll, sys, drv, win32  Working with PE files - exe, dll, sys, drv, bpl, dpl, cpl, ocx and more.
 Ability to open broken or packed files in Safe mode.
 Support for custom plug-ins to perform any startup processing.
 View the full information contained in the PE file headers.
 PE file checksum calculation, computing and modification.
 Review and editing Data Directories.
 Review all the sections and info about their location and size.
 Review contents of section as Raw Data - up to 16 view windows.
 Extracting and deleting sections.
 Section header recalculation.
 Section Editor to modify and repair damaged section headers.
 Resource Editor to view and modify nearly any type of resources.
 Saving changes to disk as a new file image.
 Retrieve list of exported API functions from a DLL.
 Quick Function Syntax Lookup.
 Syntax Description Editor.
 Review contents of the base relocation table.
 Source code and package information analyzer.
 Built-in Disassembler.
 Dependency Scanner lists the DLLs used by the exe files.
 Time Date Stamp Adjuster.

Minimum system requirements

 Microsoft Windows® 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003.
 Intel Pentium® with 16 MB RAM.

Note: Users working with large file sizes will benefit from system requirements that exceed those listed above. This will ensure a faster disassembling.

Start Exploring Your Applications Now

 For maximum editing and inspecting power, buy PE Explorer now for US$292.95. If you look at all the different tools PE Explorer integrates, you will agree that this is definitely a sharp price. If you are a hobby programmer, and will use PE Explorer only for personal purposes, then you qualify for the discounted personal license at US$129. With PE Explorer with many features to save you hours of time, it’s easy to use and it’s a bargain!

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