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Batch Changing and Replacing Text Strings in StringTables

Do you have to prepare multiple branded OEM versions of your software? Do you have to build a custom EXE file for each of your OEM partner? Then you simply can't afford to not be using this software.

StringsIf you have to edit strings in multiple executables then you have probably dreamed of being able to automate this task and turn it into a quick job that is activated by just one click of the mouse. Resource Tuner Console does just that.

Resource Tuner Console replaces all the string resources of a medium-sized program within a second! In addition, you can localize your application by creating a copy of the StringTable with another language.

Editing StringTables

Resource Tuner Console provides many ways of editing StringTable and MessageTable entries. You can modify both filled and blank entries. You can specify whether to add a new StringTable entry, or delete an existing entry, or replace an existing string only with the specified language.

Resource Tuner Console fully supports Unicode. Strings to be replaced can be specified and stored whether in a script body or in an external Unicode text file.

For greater detail, see the Edit Strings sample script. It may be helpful to use this example as a template for your own scripts.

A description of the RTC script format and sample scripts can be found in the RTC Scripting Language Reference within the Resource Tuner Console package.


Resource Tuner Console comes with the examples that explain basic functionality and demonstrate many of the features available in Resource Tuner Console. Once installed Resorce Tuner Console, you will find the Demo folder in the directory where RTC has been installed. Within this Demo folder, there are 11 subdirectories that contain sample scripts and sample executable files.

All sample scripts are ready to run. Select one of the .BAT files located in the Demo folders to execute the sample script. The script will make changes in the test EXE file. The resulting file will be created in the directory named "Release" under the directory containing the script.

Check out the samples to get an idea what Resource Tuner Console can do for you.

The Complete Illustrated Step by Step Guide To Using Scripts


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Download Resource Tuner Console
Resource Tuner Console runs on all versions of Windows from 2000 through Vista, 7, 8, 10 and 11.

Minimum hardware requirements:
Intel Pentium® processor with 166 MHz, 16 MB RAM