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Resource Tuner Console: Feature List

Resource Tuner Console (RTC) is designed to solve a problem that application developers often have. The product addresses the challenge of editing and updating different resource types in large numbers of executable files, and lets you instantly change icons, strings or version numbers in your compiled 32 and 64-bit EXE, DLL, or RES files from the command line within a second.

Editing Portable Executable (PE) Files

  • Working with 32- and 64-bit PE files such as .EXE, .DLL, .RES, Device Drivers (.SYS, .ACM), ActiveX Controls (.OCX), Borland Libraries (.DPL and .BPL), XP Visual Styles (.MSSTYLES), Control Panel Extensions (.CPL), Screen Savers (.SCR) and any other win32 executables.
  • Checksum computing and modification.
  • Image Base Address modification.
  • UPX Unpacker.
  • Support for custom plug-ins to perform any startup processing.

Besides being a resource editor, Resource Tuner Console also provides the methods and properties for tweaking the PE file structure: Update Checksum, Rebase Image, Update Date/Time Stamp, Add and Strip Empty Resource Section. Read more...

With Resource Tuner Console, You Can

  • Add, update or change File Version and Product Version Information
  • Add or replace Icons and Cursors
  • Add or replace Graphic Resources (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, AVI)
  • Add, edit, replace, or delete String Resources in executable files
  • Replace or add an Application Manifest into the resource section
  • Add the resource section to files compiled without resources
  • Process multiple executable files at once
  • Create a file associated with an EXE that has all settable resource strings and numerics listed, so they can be viewed in a text editor.

file version information Application developers often need a command-line utility to allow modification of file version information (version numbers, product name, copyright strings, etc) on existing Windows EXE and DLL, or binary RES files.

While these files already contain the Version Info resource (embedded into the executable during linking), Resource Tuner Console enables you to automatically stamp their version during the release process to insure consistency. Resource Tuner Console also enables you to add versioning to files that contain no resources at all.    Read more...

Editing Resources Through Scripting: Why?

Resource Tuner Console accepts input from a script file. Scripting is the only flexible way to let you access and edit a wide range of different resource types in large numbers of executable files. It also allows you to reuse the same subroutines or functions many times in different situations.

To keep things simple without having to delve into the setting up and configuration of a complex development environment, we are using the VBScript as the default scripting language.

  • Support for any active scripting language installed and supported by Windows Scripting Host
  • Localized output messages in either English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese depending upon the user's locale.
  • Full Unicode support

Sample scripts To give you an idea of how this all works, we tried to cover all possible needs and made a dozen of scripts and test applications. Basically, all you have to do to use them as templates for your own scripts is replace the filenames and paths to source and destination locations.

Sample scripts illustrated the editing features can be found within the Resource Tuner Console package. They provide real-world examples demonstrating many of the features available in Resource Tuner Console, and make it a breeze to setup and get running.

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Download Resource Tuner Console
Resource Tuner Console runs on all versions of Windows from 2000 through Vista, 7, 8, 10 and 11.

Minimum hardware requirements:
Intel Pentium® processor with 166 MHz, 16 MB RAM

Resource Tuner Console does not install any DLLs, ActiveX controls or any other executables in your system folders. The only folders the setup program writes to is the folder you designate (the usual default is Program Files\Resource Tuner Console), and the Windows designated Application Data folder.

Resource Tuner Console comes with the examples that explain basic functionality and demonstrate many of the features available in Resource Tuner Console. Check out the samples to get an idea what Resource Tuner Console can do for you.

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