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Introducing PE Explorer

PE Explorer is the most feature-packed tool for inspecting the inner workings of PE files (EXE, DLL, ActiveX controls, and several other Windows executable formats). It comes with a PE Header Viewer, Exported/Imported API Function Viewer, API Function Syntax Lookup, Resource Editor, Dependency Scanner & Disassembler. On top of all that, PE Explorer has one of the best UPX Unpackers built in. With PE Explorer you can view, analyze, edit, fix and repair the internal structures of PE files with the click of a button. This can handle various Portable Executable file types and support is provided for nearly every type of binary resource imaginable. A real value at US$129!

Meet Resource Tuner

Resource Editor: The Art of Resource Hacking. Resource Tuner is a resource editing solution you can use now. The only product that can work with PNG, XML and Image Lists. This is a stand-alone version of the Visual Resource Editor of PE Explorer that lets you view, extract, modify, translate, edit, or replace any selected Windows resource. This means you can tweak any program's text, icons, pictures, buttons, colors - you can completely customize any program you own. The product also allows you to edit the properties of controls on Delphi forms within the PE file. And using the XP Visual Style Manifest Wizard, you can also insert an application manifest into the resource section of the executable. As low as US$39.95!



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